On Good Friday 2000 years ago Jesus walked into a church. The Director of Sales & Marketing had his team out front selling animals for sacrifice at Gucci prices—a total rip off for the everyday person so the big shots could stuff their own pockets and build a fancier church building (think Big Pharma). Jesus got uber pissed about that and went Chuck Norris on their kiosks, tearing them down. 

Somebody changed the price tags. It always happens when shiny things become more important than people. We’re supposed to love people and use things but we tend to end up loving things and using people.

This past week the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burned down. Within a few days OVER A BILLION DOLLARS poured in to rebuild it. As a comparison it’s been five years and Flint, MI still doesn’t have clean drinking water as it’s old lead-filled pipes will cost $55 million to replace and the money isn’t there. I noticed a lot of people this week posting old vacation pictures in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral. I haven’t seen people posting pictures in front of Flint’s water treatment plant. Saving shiny stuff will get you a billion dollars and lots of selfies. Saving people? Not so much.

Somebody changed the price tags. 

So while we celebrate Easter with pastel egg hunts and worship God in our Sunday best in big beautiful buildings… I have a feeling Jesus won’t be taking part. He’ll be kicking ass and tossing tables with a broken heart somewhere people are being taken advantage of. I’d rather join him there.