Anne Lamott’s a favorite author of mine. She just got married for the first time at 65 years old. The caterer at her wedding looked over admiringly at Anne and said “Getting married now is the best thing ever because that’s for sure going to be your toe-tag husband.”

Toe-tag husband. That kinda hit me funny. But then it settled in and the more I thought about it, the more I liked it.

I’m into a toe-tag life. Like toe-tag marriages. Toe-tag friendships. Toe-tag deep relationships with my kids. Toe-tag houses. Toe-tag pets. Toe-tag rooting for the same team. A toe-tag favorite ice cream or place to eat.

Things that last. They resonate with me. If I want them I have do life differently. Deeper conversations. Slower going. Learning contentment. Savoring the little things.

Because in the end, these are the things that matter. I have more thoughts on this subject but I gotta go. Time to hug my significant other. Walk the dogs. Maybe call one of my kiddos alongside a couple scoops of butter pecan. It’s a toe-tag kind of life.