Gil started and helped grow what are now the two largest churches in Colorado history: Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette, CO—began with 40 people and grew to nearly 6,000 in his 9 years at the helm and is currently the 14th largest church in the United States at 19,000 people a weekend—and Pathways Church (what is now Denver Community Church) in Denver’s inner-city. In the 4 years between these launches Gil partnered with the consulting firm RSI, Inc. out of Dallas to help non-profits raise over $400M as well as become CEO of Leader’s Challenge, a high school leadership development initiative based in Denver. 

During this time Gil learned the art of failing under the microscope of being a public figure and how to make a comeback from the most painful experiences of his life through going on his own healing journey of the soul, practices that he maintains to this day. Because of this Gil has the ability to creatively speak truth with a razor sharp edge which allows people to fearlessly transcend their current circumstances and begin to truly live life so they can find their own purpose, peace, and passion.

Gil has spoken at numerous conferences and spiritual communities to thousands of boomers, busters, millennials, and top level leaders about how to combine their awesome skills and talents alongside their own authenticity so they can excel in the complexity and messiness of life.

*Personal Note: Gil has a Bachelor Of Science in Accounting & Marketing from Bradley University and a Masters Of Divinity from Western Seminary. He is a single father of 4 awesome kids between the ages of 16-22 and will soon be married to Beth Damgaard who he met in 2019.